Tattoo Aftercare

Leave on second skin for 1-3 days depending on how much plasma is in it. (If it is a lot building up a lot, take it off sooner) Follow same instruction for plastic wrap but instead, take off after 4 hours and wash, then keep clean and dry.)
Wash one time only for second skin or twice for plastic wrap with antibacterial or gentle soap and dab dry with paper towels only, in the shower is best because it is messy and after that, avoid soaking it for the next week entirely if possible. Water on tattoos will cause issues. (That includes aftercare products with water in them or lotions, lotions can only be used after it heals.
Do NOT wash more as this will cause extra weeping pushing out of the ink. After 24 hours of getting tattooed, the scab has fully formed and it is protecting your tattoo from bacteria already so you do not need to wash an extra time.
Leave it alone! Let it dry out! Do not put anything on it for at least 4 days! When you finally do shower, try not to let it soak in the shower, be quick and avoid getting it wet as much as possible until totally healed. Dab with clean paper towels as SOON as you get out. (Shower this way until it is 100% healed.)
Start putting the coconut oil 4 days after your tattoo appointment date. Apply a medium to thin layer with clean hands. Continue to apply whenever it gets dry and as your tattoo starts peeling. Do not use Aquaphor for my tattoos. If you want to use a product other than coconut oil feel free to ask me. Be careful that scabs do not get snagged on anything as it can pull ink out with it.
Stay hydrated internally! I cannot stress this enough! Get electrolytes through foods like salt, potatoes, avocado, and coconut water and drink extra water. Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine, and rehydrate after consumption.

Absolutely no excessive sweating, swimming, submerging in water, scratching, rubbing, washing more than once or twice, exposure to sun, or lotion. Wear sunscreen after it heals. Please contact me for questions anytime. Do NOT make adjustments on your own without consulting me.